Outhouse Cartoon Postcards

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This is the most common type of outhouse postcard. There are dozens of publishers and illustrators. My cards mostly come from the 1940s and 50s. I think the most tragic thing about the postcards from this era that the artists are unknown! Some individuals signed their cards, like Walter Munson, but most are totally unknown. If anyone can identify these folks for me, please, please send an e-mail!

Curteich . Curteich Please note the poetic and "serious" Curteich cards are under Real Photo

Mirro-Krome .Mirro-Krome/Bloodgood .

Petley . Petley .

Tichnor . Tichnor . The most common - corny illustrations and silly punch lines - gotta love it!

Asheville .Asheville . A confusing publisher to cover!

MWM Postcards MWM . Not many cards, but they are very popular.

E.C. Kropp E.C. Kropp

Plastichrome . Plastichrome . Classic 50s graphics

Kromekolor . Kromekolor

Colourpicture .Colorpicture .

Metrocraft Postcards Metrocraft .

Baxtone . Baxtone . Classic 50s chromes.

Misc Linens .Misc. Linens and Pre-linens .

Miscellaneous Chromes Misc. Chromes

Misc B&W Caartoons Misc. Black & White .

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